Coton Arches

This major local landmark was constructed during the 1800s as a replacement for an earlier steel construction.

The bricks were made locally in Chilvers Coton and were transported to the nearby site by horse and cart.

A number of the arches had buildings built in them on ground thought to have been leased from the railway company. Woods Garage was one such building and they had a petrol pump which allowed passing vehicles to fuel immediately on the side of the road (see early picture).

In the 1970s, most of these buildings along with many of the houses in Coton Road were demolished as the arches were opened up for a large traffic island and dual carriageway.

Jean Clayton and Cynthia Wilson

Wood's bike shop was opposite the garage and Dolman's paper shop was nearby on the corner by the butchers. The 658 bus to Coventry used to stop there. I used to live in Bracebridge Street and if I had a puncture on my bike, I used to leave it at Wood's and collect it on the way home. There was a barber's shop and a pram shop just there. My uncle had a barber shop there that belonged to Tom Lews originally.

Warwick Wilson

When Coventry had all of its factories, just up from the Arches was Coton Station. The man who lived at the bottom of the station used to store all the bikes. When the lads and lassies used to come home from Coventry they would jump off the train while it was still moving, run down the embankment and jump on their bikes - it was just like the Tour de France. There were bikes everywhere and cars as well.

Patrick Cross

My dad used to take me to a barber's shop there when I was a little boy and his name was Fred George. His shop eventually closed when they demolished the properties to make way for the new road. I also attended Coton Church Infants School which stood opposite the Fleur-De-Leys pub. Today there are is a senior citizen housing complex there. It was a very old school that had real open fires in the classrooms. Eventually it was demolished to make room for the changes to the road system.